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RJ Allen

Founder of 

Dream Big Pray Hard

Never Quit


It is my dream to help others achieve their dreams. I spent most of my adult life feeling like I did not measure up to others. I was a college drop out, I went through a bankruptcy, I was on welfare and felt like a failure. I finally told myself it was time to change my life. I worked extremely hard and worked my way up in the corporate world. I began to gain some success in business and was able to better take care of my family. Though I was doing better I was not sure what my purpose was and I was not living my dream. At the age of 35, I decided I needed to change my life. I went back to college to finish my degree then continued on to get my masters and a doctorate. I am now a teacher, coach, author, & speaker. I am 50 and living my dream. I know it is cliche, but if I can accomplish my dreams I know you can do the same. I have had the privilege to hear countless stories of people achieving their dreams since starting this ministry. Such dreams as overcoming addictions, losing weight, graduating college, playing college and pro sports, surviving and overcoming traumatic life experiences. Everyone has a dream, go after yours and remember to Dream Big Pray Hard Never Quit